Islamic State?

Published November 21, 2015 by firefly12mal

Where is the country called Islam? How can an ideology call itself a state?

Islam is a religious belief, not a country. The faith of Islam can therefore be anywhere. It can be carried from country to country, it has no country called Islam.

It’s rather like Christians’  talking of a Christian state and expecting the world to honour it. There is no country called ‘Christian’ either.

ISIS is an Egyptian Goddess. How can people who know nothing of Egyptian beliefs claim her as their name? ISIS in this regard is short for something, but as usual it is far too long for anyone in the West to remember it or to try to spell it so they have to shorten it and steal someone else’s religion to do it. The religion of Islam and that of Egypt are completely different.

Christians would be none too happy if some terrorist group started using the name of Jesus as their title, simply because the letters in the name spelt something else.

These people are terrorists. They should be called what they are, Islamic terrorists. Leave the name of the Goddess for the Goddess and her followers.




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