Feminism is dead?!

Published March 25, 2014 by firefly12mal

The current batch of feminists has completely lost the plot if the recent twitter postings are anything to go by. A twitter post titled kill all men has some pretty pathetic comments that simply prove the point that these women don’t know what the feminists of the past actually did. These twitters are very concerned with banning the word ‘bossy’, complaining when a man asks for a phone number and wanting to get rid of all men so they can live in a feminist utopia. Never mind that in other parts of the world female genital mutilation still happens and women are still stoned. 

these feminists are more concerned with getting their nails done and crying in the latte’s about some perceived wrong done to them, living in their world of privilege and excess, while around the world, other women don’t have enough to eat and have to watch their babies die from starvation. These are educated women. It wasn’t long ago that women were not educated because what is the point of educating someone when all that is expected of them is have babies and run a household. There are women all over this world who still have no right to an education and are shot for trying to get one. Women can work in whatever field they want to and have the skills for. In the western world that is. 

It wasn’t so long ago that women were burned at the stake because they were skilled midwives and healers. Had rank and privilege, money, in other words and some jealous person wanted it. And yes, it was men who made those rules, and it would  have been men that stopped it too, because they were the ones the rulers listened to. They were the ones that fought the battles that changed the rules. 

These privileged feminists don’t know how lucky they are that the only thing wrong in the pathetic world is a man asking for a phone number or a date. They can’t even say ‘no; nicely, they have to get on twitter and rant. They have no idea how much men do for them or how quickly their pathetic little worlds would collapse into ruins without men. A feminist utopia? Save me from such a thing. Having to listen to their voices screeching about clothes and make up and who’s having sex with who would drive me insane.

Feminism has come so far;   And in one brief moment it’s all been shoved backwards.   


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