Published July 20, 2013 by firefly12mal

How can anyone get a fair trial in a world dominated by social media that tweets and re-tweets every tiny nuance whether true or suspected? Surveillance cameras show people moving around, but the clarity is so poor they could be anybody and people are willing to claim and damn anyone they don’y like or suspect may have been involved with no evidence to back up their claims. When the news shows do exactly the same thing, playing videos over and over again, saying this is what happened, so it must be true. Where is the scene investigation, the forensic evidence? Where is the innocent until proven guilty? People must have a scapegoat. A crime has been committed, it must have been done by someone, but how do you know you have the right person? That is what a police investigation is for and evidence. But when people demand a conviction with no evidence and get one in the media and on the internet, that is not a fair trial, but a witch hunt. Yes, a witch hunt. That is exactly the kind of behaviour that convicted so many as ‘witches’ during that time several hundred years ago. Of course the internet and social media weren’t involved, but it was essentially the same thing. One person’s words against anothers’, with little or no evidence. Evidence manufactured or twisted to fit the supposed ‘crime’. No-one interested in any semblance of truth. Damning and convicting people based on their beliefs, their culture, their differences from ‘us’. 

Everyone is different. Even your neighbours are different with different beliefs, different culture and cultural background. The cultural group that is being condemned now will change. It already has. A hundred years ago, it was the cultural group now known as African-Americans who took the heat. And probably still do. Any time a crime was committed, it was ‘the evil black man’ that did it. Little or no evidence to back it up. None was needed. Everyone ‘knew’ it was that way. Now the focus has shifted to muslims. Everyone ‘knows’ that they are evil and want to destroy ‘us’. Yet in the last 20 years it has been primarily the United States of America that has been busy destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with ‘us’. The thing all these people have in common? They’re not ‘Christians’ and they have oil. Lots of oil. They are so distracted by all their wars that they are leaving their own people to suffer. I’m referring here specifically to the lower 9th ward in New Orleans, which is still in ruins 8 years after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the area. 8 years! If this had happened to a white middle class neighbourhood, would the reaction have been the same? Where is the money to rebuild? It’s going to fund an endless war in the middle east. Endless. There will be no winners there except the people who make money off other people’s sufferings. The weapons manufacturers etc. What about the people at home? Have you forgotten about them? It seems so. Who will be next? And when the focus changes to some other group. What then? Will it be you? And how will you defend yourselves, when the government takes away all your rights. 


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